My name is Taryn Enos. I am a dancer, thinker, speaker, and Christ follower. I love seeing slight detailed differences in everyday life or just playing the piano and writing poetry. If anything else, I believe that words have power to make a difference in our lives. We all have problems, no matter how many masks we put on or how good we are at “playing the part”.

I am a native Coloradan, which does indicate that I am a geek and love a good cup of coffee at a hippie little coffee shot accompanied by a great book. The pursuit of art is my passion and words are cooler than any of us can ever realize. My goal is to be thought provoking and love to see what you all think.

All of the featured pictures on my posts were taken by me, as I love nature, photography, and the pursuit of beauty. Come see my gallery on Instagram, my username is starstorm_xd. 🙂

Everyone struggles with something, and we are all just trying to push through. I hope this blog will be a place to just come and take some time realizing your own identity in Christ or just enjoying a little poetry and philosophy.

Have a blessed day!