Waiting On The World

Just waiting on the world to change.... If you sang that then you are a normal person. Bonus points if you sang it out loud! We all have the moment when life just keeps going. Just the same. No matter how hard you try nothing has changed, and your influence became impotent and unhelpful. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Waiting On The World



Some things you can't outrun. You can't always fit it. For some, it's not about fighting, Instead, it's about knowing when you can't fight. Some things you do not fight. In every hobby, activity, career, There is always someone better. Someone will be smarter. Someone will be braver. Someone will be prettier. Our greatest strength … Continue reading Run


There is nothing quite so odd As the look of a door.  Completely separated from everything else, it presents opportunity and hope. To a prisoner is means freedom. To the lonely it means friendship. To the friendless it means hope. To the hopeless it means future. On the other hand,  A locked door can crush … Continue reading Way


Splashing on my window Didn't you know? That each drop from heaven Is a drop of God's peace. Dropping on my face Little drops of grace Didn't you know? Each drop from heaven Is a drop of the Father's grace. Jumping through the puddles Splashing every inch of my jeans Covering my siblings with water … Continue reading Raindrops

Write Words

I don't like writing words.  Because whenever you write You want to write the right words.  But whenever you write The right words run away saying, "I'm not the right word" So you write and write And never will fin those Finicky right words. Because maybe, Just maybe,  The right words have been hiding.  And … Continue reading Write Words