Of Chickens and Snowmen

Need coffee? Me too.


We all have those days. Stayed at work extra long, didn’t get coffee and forgot you had no lunch break. Ran late and got yelled at. Car got towed. Took a weird Uber and paid $100 to get the car back. Then the insurance expired two days ago and you have to get the renewed one faxed but no one is in the office so it takes an extra hour and you miss the big event you were so excited to attend. Instead you sulk back home and eat the four dollar pizza from Target because you forgot to bring food.

Yeah. So it’s been that kind of day.

At the end of the day, there are a few things you can do:

Watch Netflix, eat food, complain to a friend, or sleep.

In that list, do we ever think of giving thanks?

Uhhhhh. No. When we have bad days, the first thing we do is never to thank God for the crappy day we just had. Instead, we find someone to rant to and promptly describe all the stupid things that have happened to somehow excuse you from all the responsibility.

What if, even on our worst days, God still has a plan for us? I know that its weird to think about how the absolute most awful day can work into God’s plan but, is it that much of a stretch?

In the story of Joseph, Joseph gets sold by his 11 brothers to slave traders. Bad day. He eventually is bought by the Pharaoh who elevates Josephs position. Then the Pharaoh’s wife gets Joseph in a ton a trouble and Joseph is thrown in prison. A ton of bad things happen to Joseph. But do we ever think about how all of those things were exactly what needed to happen for Joseph to ultimately save his family?

Without the scorn of his brothers Joseph would never have made it to Egypt. Without the Pharaoh’s wife going AWOL on him, Joseph never would have met the two men he needed to interpret dreams for to prove to the Pharaoh that God knew what would happen. Without having worked for the Pharaoh previously, Joseph would never have had the knowledge to run the palace and save Egypt from a seven-year famine.

That is why this verse exists: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” -Romans 8:28


I think that even on the worst days, God is still in control. Even though I missed the show I had looked forward to all week, God still knows what is best. Even when my car got towed, God put a Starbucks on the corner for me to go sit in. Even when I had to figure out how to pay a huge fine and still get home, God allowed a Barista at another Starbucks have pity on me and give me a free drink.

Sometimes, it is in the worst situations that God proves He knows whats going on. And even when we have nothing left, we still have our Savior cheering us on.

Also, the title is from the fact that an old family friend of mine apparently loves chickens and snowmen, and I found out today. That made my day brighter. I hope it brightens yours too.

Be blessed today.


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