Freak Out Highway

Fun fact: when I was like sixteen I loved listening to blues or jazz music while doing math homework.

So that was fun. The world is a lot stranger than we give it credit for. There is this odd expectation that the things we want to do are ‘obviously’ good for us.

For example, I work at Starbucks, which is possibly one of the most liberal large organizations in, well everywhere. I remember going to clean off one of our windows when I spotted a sign we had put up the day before. It said, “Good feels good”. Now, I don’t think is entirely true. It may feel good to indulge ourselves in chocolate all day, but it comes back to bite us the next day with sugar sores and nausea. In the same way, we may like a certain person, but that may not be what God intended for us.

I noticed the other day how much damage our school system has done. This morning, a phrase popped into my head while I was driving:

“How you see the world depends on the type of glasses you put on this morning.”-My brain, also known as the Taryn. 

The reason I thought this could be that I decided to wear glasses this morning. It could also be that God placed it on my heart. I believe it was both.

Either way, the biggest impact I have run into from the school system is a massive shift of world view. Instead of relying on our God-kindled consciousness, we expose children to things they are not mature enough to understand, and as a result, they lose the sense of guilt and right and wrong that must be taught. What I mean is that we have been raising a moral-less generation. It started years ago when the courts ruled that ‘religion’ should not be taught in schools. So now, instead of having a religion ruling the schools, we have something else.

The religion of science.

“I believe in science”

“I think all religions are valid”

“I think everyone has their own truth”

“I was an accident”

“I am an atheist”

These statements that have begun appearing in our youth are a direct result of shifting schools from teaching Christianity, which America was founded on, to the religion of science. As a result, truth is no longer truth. If you were born a woman, it’s not because anyone intended for you to be a woman, you could be a man if you wanted! The problem is not necessarily that schools do not teach a particular religion, it is that there has been a consecutive and corrosive effort to destroy the teaching of morals. 

Are there things that are good that also feel good? Yes. Absolutely. However, nothing can be used for good if it is not used according to how it was intended.

Let me explain. Think of a flame. When used in containment, it creates a warm atmosphere and sense of home or well-being. But if allowed to do whatever it wants and never held back, it becomes a destructive force that rips away lives, homes, and futures.

We were never intended to have ‘whatever feels good’ without boundaries. But that very idea, this boundless pursuit of ‘feeling good’, has single-handedly destroyed a young generation. None are immune.

Yesterday, I met with and spoke with a fellow christian dancer. Although she stated she was christian, we ended up talking about a situation completely normal for most dancers. Dressing rooms. On this topic, I had briefly referenced a small offstage room that the female dancers used for quick-changes at shows. After this, she said that her last studio had always mixed man and women in the dressing rooms, and with little time to change, the guys would often help the girls change between costumes. Later in that conversation, she said something that stuck in my head.

“I like artists, they are just so much more accepting of everything.”

In the terms of that conversation, I knew that she was referring to many of the things we see in the dance world, homosexuality, transgender, drag, or just people who decided to embrace a very interesting religion.

At that moment, I though of something interesting. Is it that artists are in general more accepting, or is it that we have been exposed to certain ideas from a young age and taught that they were ok? 

You see, a lot of my dancer friends think a lot of things. Some of the things they think are “ok” include outrageous mistreatment of others and self, self-harm, eating disorders, toxic competitiveness, and outright awful behavior. So, knowing the general gist of what many dancers think is “ok”, how should we react when they say that things against God are also ok?

That is just my two bits. I must say, I have been disappointed with the philosophies of many dancers. However, the only way to change that is to convince them to take of their secular ‘acceptance’ and ‘tolerance’ glasses.

When you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

Even the dreaded highway to freak out.

Be blessed today.


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