A Representative

Proverbs 31:14-15

She is like the merchant ships,
    bringing her food from afar.
 She gets up while it is still night;
    she provides food for her family
    and portions for her female servants.”

Do we ever think about how incredible humans are?

In Proverbs 31, it describes a godly woman who has the entire trust of her husband. To represent something is to “be entitled or appointed to act or speak for” someone or something. Yesterday I heard my family discussing a concept normally spoken about during wedding. That marriage is a representation of Christ’s love for the church.

As I was thinking about this, I unconsciously assigned roles to the man and woman in the marriage. The man would represent Christ’s role of loving the church, while the woman represents the church caring for the needs of the community. What does that mean for women? I have had many doubts as to the value of women, and being a woman myself, it naturally caused a lot of self-doubt. However, this concept made me stop and think.

Man represents Christ. Woman represents the church.

Our world is naturally drawn to feminine beauty. We put so much emphasis on what we think is beautiful, when really the truth is that women are just like the church. It is beautiful when we follow after God, when we not only take care of ourselves but of others. As people, we are geared to think that some things are beautiful.

I wonder if our obsession with beauty has anything to do with our natural longing to be more like Christ? To love as he did, we are drawn to the representation of the church: woman. Yet, at the same time, the picture of Christ loving the church is what marriage emulates.

Whenever I see something under attack by our world, I usually think about it’s importance spiritually. Right now there are a lot of problems arising for marriage. It has always been one man, one woman, but now we are extending those boundaries. Now, we have broken down the picture of Christ and the church to nothing more than an old religious thought. Divorce, troubled marriages, single parents, abuse, and a myriad of other issues constantly thrive in marriage.


Because marriage is the representative of the most important relationship known to man: Christ and the church.

What does that mean for us?

It means that women represent the beauty of the church. The many varying voices and abilities and talents in the church are used for the good of the community. Likewise, the many differences in women can be used for the good and health of those around them. We have such a responsibility to care, to be able to understand emotion, to be able to love others.

Men have a substantial responsibility as well. They represent Christ. What a load to live up to! The love that Christ shows for the church, even when the church runs and refuses to love, still Christ pursues and loves and encourages.

Women represent the church. When something happens in the community, in the home, it is our responsibility. If the spiritual or emotional well being is hurting or struggling, we are there to support and help it heal.


What really made me think was verse 15 from Proverbs 31, “she provides food for her family and portions for her female servants.” God’s Word speaks specifically to everyone in their personal walk. For me, this verse came at a time as I kept on purposefully missing meals and knowingly not eating enough calories. This verse told me this: you represent the church. To take care of portions includes you. Before pouring into anyone else, the church must build itself, feet itself healthy dosages of God’s Word and doctrine. It means that there is a reason beyond health for me to take care of myself. 

And that’s ok. It’s not bad to give yourself some focus. As long as we do not turn it into a prideful way of snubbing God and ignoring Him to ‘take care of me’. Because ultimately, shutting out God does the exact opposite of taking care of ourselves. We are self-destructing, self-eliminating when we choose to put ourselves first. Without God, I am nothing but an empty shell trying to find purpose in this wide world.

“STAND STILL,” my soul, for so thy Lord commands: 
E’en when thy way seems blocked, leave it in His wise hands; 
His arm is mighty to divide the wave. 
“Stand still,” my soul, “stand still” and thou shalt see 
How God can work the “impossible” for thee, 
For with a great deliverance He doth save.

Be not impatient, but in stillness stand, 
Even when compassed ’round on every hand, 
In ways thy spirit does not comprehend. 
God cannot clear thy way till thou art still, 
That He may work in thee His blessed will, 
And all thy heart and will to Him do bend.

“BE STILL,” my soul, for just as thou art still, 
Can God reveal Himself to thee; until 
Through thee His love and light and life can freely flow; 
In stillness God can work through thee and reach 
The souls around thee. He then through thee can teach 
His lessons, and His power in weakness show.

“BE STILL”—a deeper step in faith and rest. 
“Be still and know” thy Father knoweth best 
The way to lead His child to that fair land, 
A “summer” land, where quiet waters flow; 
Where longing souls are satisfied, and “know 
Their God,” and praise for all that He has planned.

We are the representatives of the most significant relationship in history. That gives me a responsibility as a woman, to live as one who follows God and continues to take care of myself as the church takes care of it’s own health.

To follow God is no easy task. It is, however, the best choice I have ever made in my life.

Be blessed today.




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