A Food

Luke 8:17

“For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.”

Why is it that humans have such irrevocable relations with food? We turn it into an art, yet it is something required for the established nourishment of body and longevity of being. We spend so much time, effort, energy, on how our food looks. We take moments apart from other activities to create the perfect taste. And yet, what happened to the days when we and the land were connected?

Once upon a time, our place dictated not only livelihood, but health also. The land was our intrinsic source of life. When the land suffered we suffered. However, we have furthered ourselves from the consequences of our actions. We have created a proverbial safety net around our actions.

This net acts both as safeguard for those in trouble, and the justifier to forging decency for greed.

Aside from the land, we have hauled our safety nets and guards over from our homes and health to our very character and interactions. This particular response occurs prolifically in the appearance of internet. For, although people can be traced, via computer codes, many users prefer the elective new use: anonymous.

Succeeding the general inter-personal unspoken rules of common curtesy, the ability to become ‘anonymous’ in comment have occurred in the greatest loss of accountability in our age.

God says in His word that “all will eventually come to the light”. Even though in this world we can do things that slip under the radar, God still sees. There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. Our sins do not go unawares to ourselves either.

Many times, the most difficult thing to keep up with when dealing with lies is our own sense of guilt. Our brains and our consciousness knows what things are wrong. That nagging sense of fear that we will be revealed? That quick snap to defend ourselves at every moment?

We are afraid of consequences.

But something incredible has happened. God’s wrath of judgment has been stilled against us, through something as little as a belief.

Be blessed today.



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