A Tea

Psalm 143:8

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.”

I think I have an obsession. I love tea. I also love coffee. Pretty much most hot drinks which come in different sizes, tastes, aromas, and jars. Everything about tea and coffee have this odd tendency to bring people together. For some reason, fellowship over something warm and delicious creates an incredible opportunity for understanding and for reason.

For years, people have spoken and conversed over food and drink. Something required of our lives, to eat, has the extraordinary ability to bring us together.

If our lives are constantly revolving around relationships, if so much of our wellbeing is based upon our fellowship, why would it not be the same with our God?


How to you get to know someone if you do not spend time with them? This is a simple thing I started thinking about, when was the last time I had coffee with God? When did I sit down to have that much needed heart-to-heart that I have been needing with my Father?

It is so odd, as today is Father’s day, and yet for many it is a painful holiday. Some suffer as a result of abandonment, never knowing or hardly seeing a father figure. In others, the only memory of the ‘father’ is the picture of the stern man yelling at them. How much pain would we have each time we think about a loving Father?

Well, what if we did not have a loving father?

Then I have this one message: If you have been told that you are not worth it, that you are not important, and that you do not matter, you have been told lies.

You are so important. You are loved more than you will ever know, you are braver than you believe, and smarter than you think. 

Words can cut us down, but the love of a father is an extraordinary gift. Even if the father you know on earth cannot  be perfect, your Father in heaven pursues you relentlessly. He accepts you, He loves you.

Sit down  and have a coffee. Or a tea. Either you prefer. Find out why relationship is so important. We value relationships, why shouldn’t we value relationships in every part of life?

To get to know someone, you have to spend time with them. Take some time to know your Father.

BE blessed today.


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