I’m Fine

What happens when you are the person who everyone tells, “It’s like you always have it together”?

What do you do when you are always the happy one?

What do you do when you are always the advisor?

When you are always the listener?

I’ll tell you what happens.

What happens is you don’t let yourself stop.

If they expect you to have it together, then you will die to have it together, because that’s the type of person you are.

You will always say “I’m fine, ” when you are really dying inside, because you can tell the friend who asked needs you to listen, not talk.

You will keep saying “I’m fine,” because there is more work to be done.

There will always be something that needs your attention more.

Always someone who needs your help.

But I will tell you now,

So listen up.

And listen well.

When you start saying “I’m fine,” you’ve booked your ticket to Hell.

But because you know you’ve already boarded your train,

You will keep on saying “I’m fine” until your heart stops.

Until that moment you will keep on pushing through.

Because you have decided other’s problems are more important than you.

So don’t let yourself stumble down the long and endless track,

Or before you know it,

You’ll have nothing to show for it,

Except one stamped ticket from Hell.

Oh Lord!

Help me help you!

Because then you will finally see,

That you are so important,

You’re the one who saved me.

Let me show you the ticket,

My ticket, you will see,

Because my ticket is stamped as well,

And yet I now wander in green.

Join me in the pasture of weakness,

Where my Lord watches over me,

And He will lead us beside the still waters,

If only we can see.

For we are broken records

Whose only words that appear,

Are “I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine, nothing to see here.”

“I’m fin” is a cage with an open door,

And once you have come to see, my cage is one right next to yours.

But now, we are both free!


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