A daughter of the King

Like a gem within my soul

My heart cries out ‘I know’.

For the Lord above has blessed

With life, health, wealth, and love.

Of what more can my selfish heart

Grab still for future goals?

Of what consequence are those

Unborn moments,

Some, which eyes will never behold.

But yet I search in the present

For that untold treasure

That my future holds.


The Lord is loving,

The Lord is kind.

His generosity without measure.

But who would give

The selfish thief

One’s own beloved treasure?

He gave still, when we

Would never do the same.

Our selfish souls would leech and steel

Until gold turns to shale.

And yet,

He gave,

The one more precious

More precious than tempered gold.

That we could be,

That we could see,

The beauty of what could be!


For you are treasured.

So very treasured.

Even as a thief

With a selfish soul.

But No More!

No More!

For now you bear

The image of your King.


You are of His blood,

Destined to live above,

Grasp the thought of that.

In your veins funs His blood,

He who calls you His Jewel!

You are His thoughts,

You are His Love,

You are the daughter


The King!



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