A Stubborn Strength

Psalm 139:14

“Be strong. Be brave. Be fearless. You are never alone.”

There is nothing I love more than airplanes. Taking off I always sit with my favorite songs playing and waiting in rapt attention for the moment when the plane leaves the earth. The second the plane tilts slightly and speeds into the air I feel a surge of adrenaline and exhilaration as I am awed by what has just happened. I also know that this exact same people freaks a lot of people out.

It’s fascinating to me how people react in different situations. In the most stressful situations, I tend to derive a form of adrenaline rushed excitement. But this has not always been the case. Especially when I am cramming in study hours or trying to write that extra paper for the teacher who thought “it would be fun!” if we just wrote something on another British poet the week before finals.

Jack running


That was rough.

But it says a lot about us when we respond to difficult situations. My father once told me that, “The easiest way to make a good friend, is to see how they respond when they are in a difficult place. Then help them.” I haven’t heard such great advice in a while. However, this really gets to me sometimes. I get paranoid about how I react and suddenly am covering up for everything. There is definitely warrant to think about how we react. Though, I am noticing today that, in all honesty, the people I want to be around the most are the people who run to God in the midst of their trials.

The people who consistently go to God in their problems have shown me how I can cope with my own trials.


Those people I have followed as mentors, getting assistance in my own life when I am running on empty. Everyone I have met who has done well at their careers, in their families, in their work, hobbies, or what have you, all had those knowledgable mentors in their fields or activities.

Even people who I have not yet, but have learned about in the past have this group of mentors or a mentor. Past presidents had their cabinets, candidates have campaign advisors, students have teachers, teachers have their peers, scientists have older more experienced scientists.

The honest fact is that we need mentors. We need teachers, coaches, people along a little further in life who can give us a unique and more experienced opinion and advice for us.

Do not make the mistake of taking mentors for granted. In life we don’t have Spock to tell us when our decisions are dumb and illogical. Instead, we rely on the help of others. We were not made to live alone. Otherwise we would all be on our own solitary habitats.

That does not necessarily mean that finding a mentor is easy. Quite the contrary. So, I compiled the advice from pastors, councilors, and various Ted Talk speakers. It all comes down to this:

We need each other. Loneliness does not have to define us, Our Savior is above all and with us always. 

You are not alone.

You are not forgotten.

Be blessed today.


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