A Flash

1 Corinthians 2:5-9,

“…so that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God…it is not wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age, who are doomed to pass away. But we impart a secret and hidden wisdom of God.”

It amazes me whenever God makes a specific impact on my life. Several times in the past, it has been abundantly clear that God was communicating to me. Not to anyone else, but to me specifically. In those moments, my reactions varied. The first time I think I could not decide how I felt, and stayed rather paralyzed throughout the experience. The second time, my joy was so infectious that my entire senior group of twenty was effected. The third time I sat down and bawled my eyes out.

But the way God spoke to me most recently set all the others to shame. God never works the same way twice. It is incredible how much of an impact the voice of God has on you after you understand and hear His call.




Yesterday I spent about 14 hours of my day inside of a car. I traded off driving with my mom as we came home from a speech and debate tournament. Nearing the end, we had about 2 hours left of driving before reaching home. However, where normally I would have just read a book, the light was gone and the last rays of sunshine were completely blotted out by an ominous storm. It was through this storm that I saw and heard God’s power and voice.

Although we did not drive through the midst of the storm, the broiling clouds were piled high to my right, just outside my window.

Now I’m rather strange when it comes to storms. I would never call myself a ‘Stormchaser’ or anything fancy like that, but I love thunderstorms. This is actually rather odd since I have quite good reasons to fear storms.

For instance, my brother was nearly killed by a lightening strike last summer at the camp he worked at. My Aunt and Uncle’s house was nearly demolished by a hail and thunderstorm. Additionally, several years ago I went to a national tournament that was besieged by tornados and thunderstorms.

During that tournament, I had the opportunity to go back to the hotel early with some friends. On a highway, we heard the sirens begin to go off. Turning around, I actually saw the tornado in the distance.


The thunderstorms that accompanied that tornado were outrageous. I remember clearly watching the sheet-lightening light up the sky for minutes straight. One particular detail was the enormity, brightness, sound, and strength of the lightening during that storm. The road we drove on disappeared beneath the streams of water falling on the car, we hydroplaned several times. Trying to get somewhere safe, we went on a frantic search for any kind of shelter nearby.

Unfortunately, there was nothing for a few, stress-filled miles. Eventually, we made it to a steakhouse that let us in before locking their doors to the deluge outside. In a few minutes that tornado would pass.

What is interesting about that entire experience for me was the fact that I was not too frightened. If I was, I do not remember it. What I remember from that drive in the midst of tornado winds and the miniature cloud burst was the lightening stretching across the sky. I spent the entire ride staring out my window, watching the lightening light up the sky and pulse like a StarTrek ray gun in the sky.

I love lightening. I love the sound of thunder. I love the way it so clearly shows off the skill and power of the Creator who fashioned it.


This is how God spoke to me yesterday. In the car ride, though we were not in the thunderstorm, I could clearly see the clouds from my window and the sky was black with  storm clouds. Since it was too dark to read, I put on my headphones and played music from my instrumental playlist.

As I watched the clouds, I began to see them flash with internal lightening. Occasionally I saw a beam shoot down to make contact with the earth before fleeing.

I am a musician, and I have a habit of tapping out my favorite rhythms and making new ones when I am bored. As I stared at the clouds, every single light hit the beat on my song perfectly. I even changed songs several times, yet without fail, the beat and the lightening hit at the same moment. For a while I was simply amused, then we drove past a field of spinning fan generators. Each generator has a red light that flashes. Every single light flashed at the same moment, and the field was filled with little red lights.

Imagine this, the lightening lights up the sky, and as it goes dark, the red lights flash all at the same moment. All of this happened not for a few moments, but for the two hours it took to drive home. As a logician, this anomaly seemed impossible. My music seemed to have the exact timing with both the red lights and the lightening flashes. In addition, the songs that played spoke volumes. Once I looked down at the song, it was “The Lion and the Lamb”. I don’t even remember putting it in my playlist. But the song was steeped with biblical themes and allegories. It was then that I started to pay attention.


The incredible thing about this whole experience is what it allowed. It made me stop and realize: God is actually thinking about me. No one but myself knows about my obsession with lightening. I have never told anyone. My mother was amazed with how well I dealt with storms, saying she thought I would be terrified of them after everything that has happened. Only I know that I believe music has more impact on people than any other type of media. Only I knew that I love rhythm and matching movements and lights with sound.

But God know me better than I know myself. He created a spectacular light show and designed my music, the storm, the red lights, and my thoughts to line up at the right moment. No other god is as relational as The Creator. He pursues us relentlessly. He sees us always.

He reminded me that I am never alone. That there is someone who understands me, someone who cares to abide to my quirks and secret fascinations with rhythm and sound. That someone is my God.

Be blessed today.



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