A Strike

Proverbes 16:17-19

“The highway of the upright is to depart from evil; He who watches his way preserves his life. Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before stumbling. It is better to be humble in spirit with the lowly Than to divide the spoil with the proud.”

Isn’t it rather strange that we involve certain words only to describe a certain thing? For instance, the strangest applications of words happen to be in their use for storms. We use ominous, boiling, brooding, and even anticipating, to refer to an upcoming thunderstorm. When we see storm clouds gathering on the horizon, we immediately would use the word billowing to describe the clouds. The oddest thing is that we use similar words and phrases to describe trials in our lives.

When something bad is about to happen, we would say that danger is brewing. We tend to compare the trials of everyday life with the fantastic storms in our memories. Well here is another strange contrast, some people enjoy lightening, thunder, tornados, and hurricanes. These people actually chase after storms.

The funny thing about storm-chasers, is that they exist in trials as well. People who have dealt often with many trials in their lives gained so much from the experience that they would rather be in a storm than in peace. Believe me when I say, if you find someone who actively draws closer to God in their everyday storms, you should stick close to them.

For many can survive in the smooth seas of high summer, but only the weather-worn go into storms with so much confidence that they enjoy the experience.


You might call these people the ‘golden unicorns’ of our earthly days. Those people who have learned through hardship how to stand know their King intimately. It does not come easily. Learning to weather a storm is not about avoiding them, but going into a storm with sufficient guidance that you come to the other side triumphant.

The world is a difficult place, and it will swallow whole all those who avoid trials at their own peril.


For the Lord of the air and the King of the skies

Shows power through thunder and lightening on high

It shall be a sign unto you

That power lays silent until needed today.

For no knight or sailor shows

The strength of his days under blows

But until he once again stands

Under winds and storms and hails of arms

In the midst of the storm

In the midst of the trial

Then is courage proven,

Then is strength won.

It is only under our fiery, stormy trials that our strength is born and grown. It is then that our Lord shaves down our own strength that we might cling more tightly to Him in our weakness. For if we are standing on our own strength, in the gentle breeze with no harm, how then would we learn to rely on our God? How then would we understand that we are utterly powerless without a Savior?

All we do when we stand on our own is caper to our pride. Such a road will never lead anywhere but to our own demise. For the Lord loves the humble, but pride is the first step away from trusting God.


Even so, we are dual minded individuals. Are we chasing the future for our own desires? Or are we searching to further God’s kingdom? A single day serving God’s purpose will bring more happiness than a thousand years chasing the empty pleasures of our hearts.

Without God, everything falls. Only when we realize that we have no strength do we find our strength in the Creator.

Be blessed today.


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