A Home

Matthew 6:20

“But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”

An interesting concept. And one that I have recently lost. Home.

For a college student, we do not necessarily have a ‘home’. Instead we live in dorms, a type of dwelling. With no real permanence for more than a season, or even sometimes for more than one semester. Recently I talked to a few people about a strange ‘sensation’ we felt when visiting home after our first semester.

During winter break, we went home to spend the holidays with our families. As we traveled home, many of us discovered that we no longer felt a particular enmity or attachment to their previous home. Part of this is the new independence which grows with the absence of the student. Combine this with an exponential growth curve that invariably accompanies Freshman year in college, and a student has ‘moved on’ from their home.

In a way, a student has begun to establish a new home. New patterns of behavior, new pathways, new physical surroundings. A new life has assaulted them in every form and facet of their existence. However, this leaves us in an odd conundrum. One I have considered today especially.

What is home?

The most complicated questions sometimes have the simplest answers. You may have heard of this one:


An answer that is often known yet more easily looked over is another idea entirely.

Home is where we belong. I have been reading the Hobbit recently, and I often forget how much I love that book. When watching the new movie series shortly after reading the book, I noticed a scene that did not appear in the original book. Between Thorin and Bilbo is a tension in the movie. Thorin does not believe that Bilbo deserves to be with the dwarves on their quest. Essentially, Thorin doesn’t think Bilbo will amount to anything and is only a burden.

At the same time, Bilbo has a conversation with one of the company earlier in the movie which reveals a few things. The dwarves are upset because Bilbo complains about missing his home; his hearth, his food, his fire. Yet the dwarves themselves have no real home. In a confrontation, Bilbo says that the dwarves don’t understand because they are not used to having a real home. They don’t belong anywhere.

And the dwarf stops, looks around, and says,

“You’re right. We don’t belong anywhere.”

not belong

How often do we feel like we are the burden? That we will never fit in and never belong? Pretty often. There is not one person I have ever met who did not feel at one point or another this need to fit in. To be apart of something.

We want to belong. 

We can’t do anything to make ourselves work as part of a group, we can’t even make ourselves fit in all the time. Yet we have this insatiable desire to belong in the place where we are meant to be.

Why is that?

It is the nature of philosophy to ponder the stupidest questions that seem to never be answered. That is the essence of this question.

Home is not something you find. It is something you create. It takes time and patience. It requires more than just a set of walls and a table. It feeds on relationship and grows in friendships. How do I know?

Well, how do you learn to balance?

By falling.


So how do you learn how to find or make a home?

By losing it.

I am not saying my previous home has disintegrated or disappeared. I am saying that, as a college student and young individual beginning life, my home has moved. My home is more than a temporary dwelling in the concrete blocks of a dorm building. It is more than the beautiful house of my childhood.

It is a place I strive for everyday, something I create, something that God has given to me. A place to belong. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 3.37.18 PM.png

“I am on my way,

I can go the distance,

I’ll be there someday,

If I can be strong.

I know every mile,

Will be worth my while.

I will go most anywhere to feel like I belong.”


We as Christians do not belong here. Our home is in heaven. Why else would we be storing up treasures in heaven? Do not forget that you will always make it home. To a place where you belong. 

Be blessed today.


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