A Relationship

Ecclesiastes 4:12

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

This may be a bit stereotypical, but I have recently been listening to a podcast called Your Move by Andy Stanley. One of his sermons is a short series called “What Makes You Happy”.

The entire pretext for this podcast is that the way God made humans is to be happy based on relationship. 


In reality, this is one of my weaknesses. I’ve never been one to like sappy romances and I have never read a book in the genre of romance in my entire life. When watching movies, I would pick action and adventure any day. Unfortunately, we are not made to live alone. There is a reason we are not alone on this planet.

When thinking about relationships, I like to refer to the old classics.

“O, what a sight is was, wisely to view

How she came stealing to the wayward boy!

To note the fighting conflict of her hue,

How white and red each other did destroy!

But now her cheek was pale, and by and by

It flashed forth fire, as lightning from the sky.

Now was she just before him as he sat,

And like a lowly lover down she kneels;

With one fair hand she health up his hat,

Her other tender hand his fair cheek feels.

His tenderer cheek received her self hand’s print,

As apt as new fall’n snow takes any dint.”

-William Shakespeare

How incredible it is that a mere moment of time may be stretched into a near-legend. A mere moment reshapes itself, time moves sluggishly, one look seems to take an age.

Writers have so much power.

Other Pen

It never escapes my notice how powerful words, when strung together, can influence the one who reads them. Authors have power when they create and spin whole worlds. Speakers have power when they capture the minds of the audience.

But I think, that the most powerful of all, is the Poet; who catches the heart and soul of a reader. Look closely at what the most popular spinners of words talk about. Musicians most famous songs are on what? Relationships. Love. Family. Ed Sheeran became a favorite of my family because he wrote a song about his mother. Lucas Graham, another singer, wrote a song called “Mama Said”, which is all about growing up in a middle class family and how he lived.

On the whole, we are enraptured by how much we depend on relationships. We were not made to ‘go it alone’ like a lone wolf. Something I really respect about the podcast Your Move is that the speaker does not hesitate to tackle sensitive issues. In fact, he even took a moment to talk to those of the opinion that they can live without relationships.

The manner in which he addressed this group was straightforward. Simply put, Stanley put out the idea that, many of these people have grown up surrounded by relationships and acceptance, often without their noticing. Since they live in the midst of relationships, they do not think they need them. On the opposite side of the spectrum, those who have lived in relative isolation are likely to say that they do not need the help of others, because they have denied themselves for so long that they do not know how to get proper relationships.

Group of three young horses on the pasture

Both scenarios are painful. I can attest, I have suffered from one and experience with both sides and in between. When it comes to relationships, sometimes we pull ourselves away from others, not because of what they may do to us, but for fear that we may hurt them. Let me tell you now, we are not made to live like this.

Isolation isn’t the answer. As my pastor would say, “Your character is who you are when no one is watching, isolation is the first step to sin.” Daniel Rolfe

Do not assume that you do not need help, the most famous pastors and chiefs and kings have mentors, advisors, and accountable close-friends. Davide had his ring of faithful and honorable warriors, the three musketeers had each other, Tom had Jerry, and Jesus had Peter, James and John. Surround yourself with the people you want to be like. Remember that you influence the people you spend the most time with, and they influence you.

“You become the average of your three closest friends.” -Daniel Rolfe

Be blessed today.



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