A Gift


Psalm 149:3

“Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp.”

The Lord has gifted us with incredible things.

Today I learned a valuable lesson about life through PMS. Yes, you read that right. I tend to be completely incapacitated and grumpy for an entire week during my period, but this time I was ‘forced’ into a situation where I noticed how grumpy I had been.

Long story short, God used my grumpiness to get me to first, feel guilty, stay with siblings whom I had dropped off, and second, do yoga.

I do not normally choose yoga, but as a dancer, it has a calming effect when I do slow, methodical movement.


Today, instead of listening to the methodical teacher I found on Youtube (my favorite is SarahBethYoga) I put on soft music and prayed the whole time instead. What I found, in addition to relaxing, my mind was able to get into a healthier place emotionally. If you PMS a lot, you know how difficult this is!

God gave my mind a quick check. I even was able to follow the yogi’s instructions and shift my focus to gratitude. It says a lot about your mind when you can shift in the middle of stress. In fact, I had recently come out of an interview, so that added to the stress.

When we let God give us a reality check, it does incredible things. As a mover and a dancer, it is easiest for me to find my right mind and connect with my Father when moving. If you have not tried this, or if you are not quite ready for a full-blown yoga class, I recommend this:

Try moving more in worship. 


I kid you not, for many people, connecting your whole self, including not only your mind, spirit, and maybe singing to worship, but your vessel, your body. We live in a temple. And many of us do not even give our bodies the respect a vessel of God deserves.

So give yourself a check today, and just indulge in a little self love. I do not normally put pictures of myself here, but this is my exception. I am giving myself a break and letting you all know that your whole self is accepted and loved by your Father!

Let God have your whole self, not just your brain or your ‘spiritual’ side. 

It will make a difference. Comment and tell me what you think if you try 🙂

Be blessed today.



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