A Foundation

Psalm 118:14

“The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.”

Have you ever felt as if the world would be the same if you just dropped off the face of it? That nothing in your life has made any difference, that this world will still be as messed up as it was when you lived here? Then this is for you.

Waiting, breaking, pausing, cranking,

Stopping, starting, quick remarking. 

Give it one moment.

Give it a chance. 

As the dots stretch off into the oncoming dance.

Still I sit. Content. Waiting. Resting. Hoping.

When you try your best, but nothing works out your way, what then is you response? What then? How do we move into a hostile future?

Will you stand or fall?

The answer comes from those who have something more. Something they can fall back on. Something which gives them strength. A memory. A feeling. A person. An emotion. A high. A release.

The only thing that I have watched save people is this: A foundation. People have this incredible ability to believe in something that they do not see or understand. It requires no proof. Only the simple reality that it is. Just the knowledge of the if turns to dust on the foundation of what is and what can be, or what  can become. We are not alone. Remember that you can sing in the arms of the Maker of our foundation.

“Be strong, He has not failed you

In all the past, 

And will He go and leave you

To sink at last?

No, He said He will hide you

Beneath His wing;

And sweetly there in safety

You then may sing.”

-L.B. Cowman

The beauty of the soul is constant, continuous, and endless.

Be blessed today.


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