A Flicker

John‬ ‭1‬:‭5‬

“And the light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness apprehended it not.”

What a powerful name it is, the name of Jesus!

Though troubles may chase me,

Death will not hold me!

Though my suffering comes from all sides,

Still I will praise you!

Your light shines in the darkness,

Where sorrow abounds

Your light grows stronger still.

Every day I am astounded by the trials I face. Of course, I am not the only one. We are all walking through it own “valley of the shadow of death”.

But you know what I love about the valley? That it is only the shadow of death. Yet to combat that shadow we have the all powerful, never flickering light which shines in the darkness!

The Lord’s face will truly “shine upon you” in the midst of tribulation. So let your face shine with the hope of the Lord’s calling, for “though He may slay me, still I will praise Him!”

Take the days suffering as a sign of God’s blessing in your life, for to those whom much is given, much is excepted. Expect God’s call in your life, and you will not be disappointed.

Be blessed today.


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