A Catch

Psalm 119:5

“Oh, that my ways were established to observe your statutes!”

Have you ever been caught somewhere you shouldn’t be? Of course you have. We all do at some point. Sometimes we react instantly and guiltily try to hide and sneak our way back to the place where we belong, but life just doesn’t like to let us off that easily.

I remember a time when I accidentally walked into a large cathedral that students were not allowed into. I instantly knew I didn’t belong, but somehow I didn’t feel that or risk surge to hide. Something about the soaring amphitheater, the beautifully textured ceiling, the architecture, the way the hall was lit up by pale, golden light filtering through the multi colored windows made me feel at home. And yet, the nagging sense that I did not belong prevailed, and I knew that in a few ¬†moments someone would recognize the tailing student who so awkwardly stood gawking at the high arches and the dove shining over the engraved cross.

Take a moment to recognize the beauty of being so out of place at home. You have been brought into the perfect family, God’s family! He has bought you at a high price, He died so you could come and learn to love and live.

Do not fall into the trap of saying, “I don’t belong here, so I must not be wanted.” Nothing could be further from the truth! The fact that you are so sinful is proof if your Gods increadible love, that even ” while we were still sinners” would come to save us.

We have been accepted just as we are, and we have been “cleansed from all unrighteousness” by Christa glorious sacrifice.

Be blessed today.


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