It Takes Time

But don’t you know,

That it takes time to make the lilies grow.

That stomping and fussing will not speed,

The natural course you know.

Because it takes time to make it show,

For when the Farmer goes to plant His seed,

He goes to patiently sow,

He knows that time alone will bring

And his crop will reap the gain.

Time alone will bring new life,

Alone will give the gain,

So do not rush the work of time,

A life is just the same.

The same as the seed in earth is planted,

Planted among the reeds.

The water flows and the seed will grow,

But time alone will dictate.,

The speed at which it shows.

So don’t go digging

Among the reeds,

To try and find the still young harvest,

For only the Lord above can see

The beauty inside the growing seed.

So look inside yourself and see,

See the life inside,

See the sprouting life of the new reed.


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