The Challenge of Learning

I have found since coming to college that the majority of people who graduate are those who came here for that purpose. To learn. However, at the same time, students are just that; students. Our entire purpose is to learn and study. At the same time, I have noticed that a faction of the college population could not care less. Why is that?

My only answer is very simple, yet has complicated implications. The answer which makes the most sense to my befuddled mind is that college has become to normal. I am not referring to the fact that college was originally something incredibly prestigious, expensive, and people who attended college were guaranteed to be sought after in the work force. But as it is with any industry, when something is successful, everyone then attempts to replicate it.

The level of training in college is now a dilapidated version of high school. At one point, we could attend college and be automatically certain that the education given would be top-notch; simply because it was a university or college. Now, one must strategically seek out the “right” college for them. There are even places referred to as “party colleges”. These are campuses which do not offer the best schooling, but seem to allow all types of tomfoolery.

When considering college, we can no longer base our thoughts on the fact that we spent four years paying thousands of dollars and cultivating a life-time of student loan, because it no longer gives the same level of training that one would receive in an entry level job or internship. Is there still an advantage to receiving a collegiate education? Yes.  There will always be a good level of education; but not in every college. In fact, college has become so matter-of-fact that we almost expect it as a type of guaranteed schooling, much like high-school. No longer is it a prestigious advantage, it bears a different connotation. Yes, a college is often a good idea, but we must also consider other options. Would it be better to simply go out and search for internships? Perhaps the school is a way of networking, to receive those connections and find the people in the career you wish to pursue.

At the end of the day, there are many options available. Learning has always been a challenge. It will continue to come to those who earnestly seek it. Weather that is on a “party campus” or an accredited university, weather it appears in large school or in an internship; learning will come to those who care enough to search.


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