“Mommy” An Acknowledgment


I realize that at this time you have a lot on your mind,

But today I felt lonely just remembering you.

I realized today that I never even told you,

That my favorite candy is dark pomegranate chocolate,

Or chocolate with peanut butter too.


I thought this was important because now I’ve come to see,

That I never even told you,

Told you what made me.

When I was young I always thought you were the perfect mum.

And I punched a kid who said that his mum was better than you.

I thought that you were a superman,

And my heart broke the first time I saw you cry.

I realize I never told you the reason that I dance,

I realize that it was I who never have you a chance.

But let me tell you a story,

A tale of long ago,

Or not so long ago,

Because for you it was just a few short years.

Way back when you and Dad became my heroes.

I always watched you during school,

And I knew that you would never stop.

Because schooling every child is an endless task.

But I only wanted you to see my ‘drawlings’,

I wanted you to say good job,

But I knew that you were busy,

I would try later.

But then.

I forgot.


When I was little everyone was loud and bigger too,

So I looked at their work and decided I could do double their work,

And do it better too.

I worked to ep\\perfect my letters, shapes, and sounds,

I heard seth say that the Hobbit was the hardest around.

So it was then my goal to read that masterpiece,

And show you that I could be,

That I could be just as loud,

But loud in a way that was me.

I know I never told you why I worked so hard.

It was because I wanted to grow up as smart as you.

And when I saw Tessy going to her dance,

I knew that this was it,

Maybe this was my chance.

And when I saw that you eat to dance, to dace with Tess,

I thought that maybe if I


got good enough,

Maybe you would dance with me too.

So I asked and asked until you enrolled me in Ballet.

And I knew that you had danced and wore the slippers too,

So i vowed that I would grow to be,

Just as cool as you.

And I realize I never told you the reason that I tried,

And I never told you that thi summer you missed my performance,

I cried.

I cried and cried and cried because I never had told you,

That the reason why I dance,

I dance because of you.

I always knew I loved it,

But you said it wasn’t safe,

But why, I thought,

Isn’t it you who taught me to pursue excellence?

Why couldn’t I pursue it? I couldn’t figure it out.

How something you love could be dangerous.

But I finally found  my words,

and my words,

onto a page,

And I can finally tell you

You are the reason I am saved.


I wanted to learn Piano because you taught it to me,

I wished I could sing because you sang.

I finally became what I knew you to be

I learned to work, learn, speak, act, dance, and even debate.

But its time that I told you,

The reason I tried

Was so I could be like you.

I want to be strong, wise, vibrantly alive,

Beautiful, and smart too!

A leader and a teacher,

A wonder and a thinker,

I wish that I was like you!

Any problems I had,

I suffered through silent,

And I thought that you must see.

But I want you to know,

That I love you so,

You are the reason that I am me!

I want you to know,

That I will always be the crazy, loud one.

But I want you to know,

That the reason I dance,

The reason I dance,

Is You!

I love you, Mommy.



One thought on ““Mommy” An Acknowledgment

  1. Life is like a pair of tie-dye socks, when you think about it. When you first unwrap them, they may not look like you expect and you may not like them at first, but when you have had them on for a while you may find that they are perfectly suited to you in both fit and design. Because we have a certain expectation of how things will look or how things will happen, but that may not always, and usually is not, the case with life. Sometimes you have to live in your life a little before you can see how perfect it is for you. You may not always like it when it is new or different than your expectation, but like the socks, I believe that life is perfectly fitted to each person’s personality and strengths.

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