Of Happiness and Goals

Can we live for today? OR is it about living for tomorrow? That is the question.

So much happens in the world today that it has become difficult to keep track. Unfortunately, so much information is proliferated that it only becomes more and more difficult to think in this claustrophobic media space. Sometimes it seems as if we see the world from an indistinguishable angle.

On what should we put our focus? Certainly not on the next moment. Who can predict where we will fall in an unstable and chaotic world?




In a moment we must realize that life is more than what we see before us. Living here on planet earth can be a dangerous gamble after all. However, if I could stop time and live every moment of my past, I wouldn’t. Because it’s not about where you have been. Its about where we’re going.

To live in the moment is a dangerously simple statement. How can we when life’s many uncertainties glamour for our attention day and night? Say for a moment, that you were able to step foot into your dream. Not the one you have every other night, the one you spend all of your time and energy trying to get to. What would happen in that moment is what you always wanted. Realistically speaking, how would you respond? Would you be able to go out and enjoy yourself?

The answer to this question can solve many of our questions about life. It tells you something about your personalty.

In reality, we are all living in dream on some level. When young, we thought about what we would do as an older person. As a teen, we imagined what life beyond our current years would be. Sometimes, we do not realize how incredible life truly is.

But we live in a world that tells us to go out and live our dreams. This implies that at any stage, we have not achieved our goals. Every day people walk through New York City and do not think about how many people van only dream of living in such a place. Is it their responsibility to ponder such things? Not necessarily. Do we realize the blessings in our own lives? Many times I have begun to wonder what my life would have been like if I had grown up somewhere else. Then I realize, the goals I set for myself five, ten, and fifteen years ago are my reality today.

People can do a lot more than they give themselves credit for.

All it takes is the simple realization. That you have been blessed.


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