The Confidence to Lose

I noticed something about little kids. Aside from the insane things they tend to do, we grow out of this particular habit starting as early as ten. However, with the youngest children, they have this implacable perseverance. This trait does not come from anywhere in particular. It's not as if a four year old woke … Continue reading The Confidence to Lose


There Was Something Beautiful

Have you ever taken the time to do 'self-searching'? It's that thing that people keep telling us to do. What people? Well take a few celebrities: Kristian Stewart, Adele, Sarah Silverman, Kristen Bell, Demi Lavato, Emma Stone, Dan Harris, Talor Swift, Miley Cyrus, John Green, Royce White, and many others. ( So where is this … Continue reading There Was Something Beautiful


Some things you can't outrun. You can't always fit it. For some, it's not about fighting, Instead, it's about knowing when you can't fight. Some things you do not fight. In every hobby, activity, career, There is always someone better. Someone will be smarter. Someone will be braver. Someone will be prettier. Our greatest strength … Continue reading Run